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My Head Start Day–Ages 3 to 5

Hi Mom and Dad,
Remember when you enrolled me in Head Start and told me I was going to Preschool? Guess what happened today when I went to Head Start? After you put me on the bus, the bus aide, my other teacher, put me in the bus harness to make sure I was safe. The bus driver drove me to the school. When I got there my teacher was waiting for me at the door. She knew my name! She showed me my cubby with my name and picture on it. That’s where I put my coat and papers.
We washed our hands. I helped the teacher set the table and all the kids ate breakfast. We had toast, cereal, banana, milk, and water. After breakfast, I cleaned up and then we brushed our teeth. Then we went to the ‘Group Meeting’ area.   That means that we do an activity together. We sang a good morning song and danced to CHOOSY music (CHOOSY help me get strong and healthy). The teacher read a story about the first day of school because it was our first day.

We have ‘Choice Time’. I get to pick what I want to do. There are many learning areas I get to choose from. I really like blocks. Another boy named Tony and I built a tower that was 100 feet tall and it didn’t tip over.
In Art, I painted you a picture of a horse, cause you like horses. The teacher asked me if she could write on my picture and she wrote what I said. I said, “It’s Lightening, my mom’s horse.” She said it sure was a big, black horse and she asked if I rode him and I said I ride with my mom. 
There is this other area called dramatic play. I don’t know what that means but it looked like our house. There was a kitchen with pots, pans, food, dishes, cups, refrigerator, stove, table and chairs. I made some tacos for the baby. There were really fun outfits to try on. I was a fireman and then a doctor.
The library has a lot of books. I can get book I want to and I can read it myself or the teacher will read it to me. I read a book about trains and another book about zoo animals. I can work on the Computer but only for 10 minutes.
Tony built 2 puzzles with me in the toys and games area. I like Tony.  He is my friend. Then we played a matching game with the teacher and other kids in ‘Small Group’. Everybody got a turn.
The sand and water is a cool place to play. There are funnels, fish, buckets, boats and cars. I have to wear goggles in the sand area to protect my eyes. The woodworking area has wood, nails, and a vise to hold the wood. I have to wear goggles there too. The teacher watched me very closely when I nailed my wood. It looks like a ladder. 
The Discovery area is sooooo neat. There are boxes of bugs, a magnifying glass, magnets, pine cones, a bird’s nest, sea shells, discovery tubes. The teacher said we will take a walk today and collect leaves, rocks, and dirt and then we can look at them with magnifying glasses.
We go ‘outside’ everyday. There are bikes, a jungle gym, parachute, balls, paint, blocks, and a slide. I ran and played ball and rode the bike. We have to take turns on the bikes. 

I guess I’ll come back tomorrow. I think I like this place.
With much love, Your Child