Northern Panhandle Head Start, Inc.

Northern Panhandle Head Start, Inc.


Visit the Office of Head Start, Early Childhood and Knowledge Learning Center for more information   Click here to link to the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC) for more guidance.

Head Start is a comprehensive, child development program that recognizes parents as the child’s first and most influential teachers and their homes as the primary learning center. Our success is based upon creation of compassionate partnerships between Head Start staff and parents on behalf of their children. We enroll the neediest families to provide them with the highest quality early childhood experiences and partnerships with local resources. We visit families in their homes, engage them in planning for their future, provide them with health and nutrition information and guide them on how to be advocates for their children. We provide services to children ages 0-4 years, prenatal services are also available.


The initial eligiblity determination is based on age and income. 

Age:  Prenatal to age 5

Income:  Based on the most recent HHS Federal Poverty Guidelines. 

FAMILY SIZE 100% 130%
1 $12,760 $16,588
2 $17,240 $22,412
3 $21,720 $28,236
4 $26,200 $34,060
5 $30,680 $39,884
6 $35,160 $45,708
7 $39,640 $51,532
8 $44,120 $57,356
Effective January 14, 2020    
Released by the Dept of Health & Human Services    

For more information please contact:

Cher McKeever
1 Orchard Road, Suite 1
Wheeling, WV  26003
304-233-3290, Extension 5013

Contact us for more enrollment information.