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Northern Panhandle Head Start

Serving Pregnant Women & Families With Children, Birth to Five Years Old in Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall & Wetzel Counties of West Virginia.


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05/13/21- Annual Administrative Report: 2021 (PDF)
10/08/20Welcome Back Newsletter - Fall 2020 (PDF)
05/19/20Annual Administrative Report 2019-2020 (PDF)
05/07/20Spring Newsletter 2020 (PDF)
05/21/19Annual Administrative Report Released
04/26/19NPHS Spring 2019 Newsletter (PDF)
04/03/19Follow Us On Facebook
12/21/18NPHS Winter Newsletter (PDF)
09/11/18Welcome Back Newsletter (PDF)
04/30/18Annual Administrative Report Released (PDF)
03/09/18NPHS Newsletter, Spring 2018 (PDF)
10/30/17NPHS Newsletter Fall 2017 (PDF)
05/17/17Board of Directors Release Annual Administrative Report for 2016-2017 (PDF)
04/28/17NPHS Spring 2017 Newsletter (PDF)
02/21/17Snuggle Up and Read - Promoting Literacy
12/16/16Hancock County Sheriff Ralph Fletcher Speaks About Safety in our Community (PDF)
10/21/16NPHS Fall 2016 Newsletter (PDF)
05/25/16Board of Directors Release the Annual Administrative Report 2015-2016 (PDF)
03/02/16Ritchie 1 Pre-K Digging Up Info About Dinosaurs (PDF)
02/24/16Parent Volunteer Participation at Brooke 2 Pre-K (PDF)
02/22/16New Martinsville Preschoolers Science Project (PDF)
01/26/16NPHS Winter 2016 Newsletter (PDF)
12/23/15Thank you to the Wellsburg Lions Club (PDF)
12/17/15News Release - NPHS Welcomes New Executive Director (PDF)
05/28/15NPHS Annual Adminstrative Report 2014-2015 Released (PDF)
04/17/19Early Head Start and Child Care - Building Relationships
03/30/15Head Start Celebrates 50 Years
03/30/15Growing Food, Health and Hope
03/26/15NPHS Executive Director named as Award Recipient
03/23/15North Park 4 Sponsors Annual Event for Dads, Uncles and Paps - Part 2 (PDF)
03/23/15North Park 4 Sponsors Annual Event for Dads, Uncles and Paps - Part 1 (PDF)
03/03/15The First 1,000 Days: Investing in WV Children When It Counts
03/03/15NPHS Winter 2015 Newsletter (PDF)
03/02/15Executive Director Opening - Seeking Qualified Candidates to Apply
12/18/14Early Head Start Parents and Children Reach Out To Thank Local Health & Safety Personnel
12/18/14HealthyCHILD Grows Positive Relationships
12/15/14NPHS Participates in WV Public Broadcasting Documentary
05/20/14North Park 1 Pre-K Participates in Random Acts of Kindness (PDF)
05/19/14NPHS Summer 2014 Newsletter (PDF)
05/19/14Head Start Staff Celebrated (PDF)
05/08/14Take a Peek into the Washington Lands Pre-K Classroom (PDF)
05/05/14Amazing Raise - Day of Giving on May 6, 2014 (PDF)
05/05/14NPHS Executive Director Recognized (PDF)
04/23/14NPHS Board of Directors Lead Fundraising Effort (PDF)
04/07/14Father's First Newsletter (PDF)
02/11/14Healthy NPHS News (PDF)
12/19/13Marshall County Head Start Pre-K Teacher Recognized
10/30/13Brooke 2 Pre-K Pumpkin Lesson (PDF)
10/15/13NPHS Fall 2013 Newsletter (PDF)
07/31/13Early Childhood Forum to be Held (PDF)
07/29/13Newspaper Article (2) - Head Start Adjusts to Budget Cuts (PDF)
07/18/13Newspaper Article - Head Start Adjusts to Budget Cuts (PDF)
06/12/13NPHS Recognizes Staff Accomplishments
05/22/13Joint Board of Directors and Policy Council Meeting Held
05/22/13Corporation Meeting Held and Annual Administrative Report Released
05/21/13NPHS Spring 2013 Newsletter (PDF)
05/08/13Parents and Staff Meet with Congressman McKinley's Field Representative
05/07/13Annual Corporation Meeting to be Held (PDF)
04/18/13North Park 4 Enjoys a Luncheon with Dads, Paps and Uncles (PDF)
04/16/13Champion of Children Award Recipients Honored (PDF)
03/26/13Special Event Held for Children and "Ladies" at North Park 4 (PDF)
03/25/13CLC 3 Students Learn More about their Local Community Helpers (PDF)
03/20/13Celebrating Week of the Young Child in Ohio County, April 14-20, 2013 (PDF)
03/11/13National Head Start Association - CALL IN SCHEDULED!
03/04/13Community Helpers Week Recognized at the New Martinsville Head Start Center (PDF)
02/15/13Center McMechen Pre-K Celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Week (PDF)
12/05/12Washington Lands Pre-K Celebrates Read to Me Day & Grandparents Day
12/05/12Local Church Group Supports Families
11/07/12What a Big Web You've Made!
01/04/13Top 2011-2012 Parent Volunteers Recognized
10/26/12NPHS Fall 2012 Newsletter (PDF)
08/23/12MIHOW Participates in Breastfeeding Awareness Walk
08/23/12Nutrition - Understanding the Importance of Purple
06/06/12Program Recognizes Staff Accomplishments
06/01/12Board of Directors and Policy Council Take Part in Annual Meeting (PDF)
06/01/122012 Rhonda L. Moore Memorial Award Recipient Announced
05/31/12Cameron Head Start Pre-K Camping Adventures Makes News (PDF)
05/29/12Annual Meeting Highlights Program Accomplishments
05/29/12Orchard Park 2 Head Start Supports Soup Kitchen With Gift (PDF)
05/22/12Ohio County Early Head Start Home Base Enjoys the Community Garden
05/18/12Cameron Head Start Pre-K Camping Adventure (PDF)
05/16/12Head Start Staff Member Recipient of Champion of Children Award (PDF)
05/16/12NPHS Spring 2012 Newsletter (PDF)
05/14/12Fun Times Shared at Orchard Park B (PDF)
05/14/12NPHS Annual Administrative Report 2011-2012 Released
04/12/12Annual Corporation Meeting
03/26/12Dr. Seuss Week Celebrated at Center McMechen Pre-K (PDF)
03/24/12A Night Out On The Town With The Wheeling Nailers (PDF)
03/15/12Successful First Socialization Shared (PDF)
03/12/12Ohio County Early Childhood School Readiness Committee Efforts Shared (PDF)
03/09/12Early Head Start Newsletter - March 2012 (PDF)
03/06/12Thing 1 Visits North Park Head Start Center (PDF)
03/05/12Head Start Parent Group Supports Community Kitchen (PDF)
02/15/12Orchard Park 1 Head Start Center - What's Up With Germs? (PDF)
02/10/12North Park 4 - 1st Annual Family Daddy, Uncle and Pap Luncheon (PDF)
01/23/12It's Pasta Time at Brooke 3 Pre-K Head Start (PDF)
01/17/12West Liberty University Department of Professional Education Website Shares Literacy Visit Info
12/18/11A Lesson in Color
12/16/11Wheeling Nailers Visit Orchard Park Head Start Centers
12/16/11Center McMechen Pre-K Visits West Liberty University - Explores Literacy Centers (PDF)
12/14/11Brooke 2 Head Start Pre-K Takes Part in Fire Safety Week Activities (PDF)
03/11/13NPHS Pilots Hearing Screening Initiative
11/01/116th Annual Winter Dinner Activity Announced
11/01/11North Park 4 - Shares Pie Bakin' Experience (PDF)
10/28/11Bus Drivers Needed - Details Available! (PDF)
12/02/11Martyn Early Learning Center Opens in Wetzel County
09/26/11Early Head Start Newsletter - September 2011 (PDF)
09/22/11NPHS Fall 2011 Newsletter - Program Start-Up (PDF)
11/17/16Healthy Focus at NPHS
06/29/112011 Rhonda L. Moore Memorial Award Recipient Announced
05/24/11Fun Times At Brooke 1 Head Start Center
05/24/11WV Governor Announces Launch of the WV Early Childhood Advisory Council Website
05/23/11NPHS Newsletter - Spring 2011 (PDF)
05/16/11Annual Administrative Report Released
04/27/11Annual Corporation Meeting
02/23/11Informational Stroll-In Organized
01/04/13Giving Back to the Community
02/17/11Photo of Paden City Head Start Center - Children's Museum (PDF)
02/09/11NPHS Newsletter - Winter 2011 (PDF)
02/07/11Family Activity Night A Success
01/13/11Thank you for Supporting the Winter Dinner, December 2010
01/07/11Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center
11/06/12MIHOW Staff Receives Car Seat Safety Certification
11/24/10Pipinos 3 Pre-K Enjoys Learning More About Eat 'N Park Restaurant
11/19/10Celebrating Fall at Pipinos Head Start Centers
10/20/10Quilting From The Heart (PDF)
10/14/10Ohio County MIHOW and Local Chapter of the American Lung Association Team Up Against Smoking
10/14/10Letter to the Editor - Wetzel Chronicle
10/05/10NPHS Newsletter - Fall 2010 (PDF)
11/04/10Winter Dinner Announced
07/09/10NPHS Fall 2009 Newsletter (PDF)
07/09/10NPHS Spring 2009 Newsletter (PDF)
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