Northern Panhandle Head Start, Inc.

Northern Panhandle Head Start, Inc.

Fun Times At Brooke 1 Head Start Center

What's All the Excitement About?

Mommy's Day - Another wonderful, extremely touching day! The parents read to the children, played in all learning areas and the staff watched in awe at the magic of the interactions. The children took part in "Choosy" toothbrushing after snack as well as the parents.  During toothbrushing time the children listened to and bounced to "Brush my Smile". They also moved with the music of "I'm The Boss" for their mom's and grammy's.

Lunch time was also an awesome event. The food came and went, and everyone enjoyed chicken fingers, bread, vegetables, and fruit. The parents and grandparents then painted a ceramic animal or car with their child.  One dad was sent to us via "mom" because she couldn't get off work and did not want her son to be without someone. You should have seen his face when dad came in!

A picture was taken of each child with their family.  Some of these pictures are three generations.  The children made a mug with flowers in it and a hand print placemat with a mommy's poem in between was given as our love to our mom's and grammy's.

Dad's Day - The event was a remarkable, sensational day as they celebrated the 5th Annual Father's Day Luncheon. The father's were invited to spend the day and have lunch with their child. We had a total of nine dads and grandfathers join us for the festivities. The children were so excited to show off their paps and dads as they played in house area, art, sand and block area.  The Dad's read books to the children and the children read books to them.

We enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner with salad and garlic bread.  Afterwards, the dads and paps cleaned off the tables and chairs, swept the floors, while everyone gathered around the table again to paint bird houses that were donated by a father from the center.

It was such an inspiration to see these men playing and being silly with their children. One of the grandfathers came in from out of state to be with his grandchild.  Grandpap shared with the staff what a beautiful center it was, and that they had more fun in four hours than they ever had in a day!  Everyone enjoyed the day together and cannot wait until next year.

The day was complete with a gift from the children to their dads, a painted pet rock inside a decorated box, and a personalized placemat. Pictures were taken before departure of the the children and their loved ones. Again, another exciting, fabulous day at the Brooke 1 Head Start Center.

To learn more about the activities at the Brooke 1 Head Start Center, contact them via email or by calling 304.737.1338.