Northern Panhandle Head Start, Inc.

Northern Panhandle Head Start, Inc.

Annual Administrative Report Released

The Annual Corporation Meeting was held Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at which time the Annual Administrative Report 2010-2011 was made available.  To view the report online, click here.

During the Annual Report presentation, Marlene Midget, Executive Director, shared the original goals of the of the "Head Start Project" as outlined by the Founders of Head Start.

  1. Improving the child’s physical health and physical abilities.
  2. Helping the emotional and social development of the child by encouraging self-confidence, spontaneity, curiosity, and self discipline.
  3. Improving the child’s mental processes and skills, with particular attention to conceptual and verbal skills.
  4. Establishing patterns and expectations of success for the child that will create a climate of confidence for future learning.
  5. Increasing the child’s capacity to relate positively to family members and others, while at the same time strengthening the family’s ability to relate positively to the child and his problems.
  6. Developing in the child and his family a responsible attitude toward society and encouraging society to work with the poor in solving their problems.
  7. Increasing the sense of dignity and self-worth within the child and his family.

Midget concluded the Annual Meeting by adding, " Today, we continue to hold true the core values and goals of the Head Start program as outlined by Sargent Shriver, Edward Zigler and the Planning Commission.  Effective intervention in the lives of children can only be accomplished through involving parents and the community in the intervention efforts."

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