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Serving Pregnant Women & Families With Children, Birth to Five Years Old in Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall & Wetzel Counties of West Virginia.


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05/13/21- Annual Administrative Report: 2021 (PDF)

National Head Start Association - CALL IN SCHEDULED!


Congress has a small window - less than three weeks - when the cut from the sequester can be undone as part of 2013 budget decisions. Together we can advocate for children.

  • Join us for a call - Monday, March 11th at 7:30 pm Eastern, join a conference call for Head Start parents and friends about what you can do to help. Call in at 712-432-0900, code: 484503#.
  • Log on to Facebook - Your members of Congress are already using Facebook and Twitter! Go here to identify your Members of Congress if you don’t know them. Then click here to find a set of messages you can post on their Facebook walls or tweet at their accounts.
  • Stroll in! - On March 15th, Head Start and Early Head Start parents across the United States will park their strollers in Congressional district offices to make a point: the sequester is cutting children and families off from important services, and Congress needs to take action to protect kids from cuts. Click here for more details, materials you can leave behind, and flyers to post in your center.

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