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Serving Pregnant Women & Families With Children, Birth to Five Years Old in Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall & Wetzel Counties of West Virginia.


Family Activity Night - March 2012

The month of March celebrated "National Nutrition Month" and the theme for Family Activity Night (FAN) was "Get Your Plate In Shape". NPHS unveiled CHOOSY's (Choose Healthy Options Often, Start Young) talking cousin SOOSIE (Stop Ongoing Obesity, Start Individual Exercise) at all FAN'S in all 5 counties where the Choosy and Soosie enjoyed singing and dancing and moving with children and families.  Also, the children and their families built their healthy plates by cutting and pasting foods in each category on their healthy plate.  Parent took home a packet of information on 25 healthy snacks, getting your plate in shape suggestions, and 20 ways to get more fruits and vegetables.

Just a glimpse of the great evening held with Ohio County:  "The children at Ohio County FAN cut out pictures of healthy foods from grocery ads to paste into the food group sections on the "My Plate" activity.  Children threw bean bags into the mouths of the "Cavity Creepers" to show that we want to keep our teeth clean so that the "Cavity Creepers" don't stay in our mouth and cause cavities. The staff brought an activity to show the children how to properly brush their teeth. They brought pictures on a display to show what happens when we do not take care of our teeth.  They also gave out free toothbrushes and toothpaste to parents and siblings and the children watched a short video of the Food Groupies.  The teachers also shared the stuffed Food Groupies with labeled brown paper bags for an activity in which the children had to sort the Food Groupies into brown grocery bags labeled for different food groups. Choosy and Soosie stopped by to dance and take pictures with the children and staff."

Attendance for this event was:

  • Hancock County - 68
  • Brooke County - 35
  • Ohio County - 79
  • Marshall County - 67
  • Wetzel County - 15

We are excited to bring this family gathering to each county and thank all parents and children for their participation!

To learn more about Family Activity Night Please contact Janel Taylor, Family and Community Partnerships Coordinator, or 304.233.3290 extension 5009.






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