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Serving Pregnant Women & Families With Children, Birth to Five Years Old in Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall & Wetzel Counties of West Virginia.



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I absolutely love Northern Panhandle Head Start. My son attends the Center McMechen preschool and I couldn't be more happy with the services I have received from Ms. Paula, Mr. Tom and Mrs. Jamie.  My son is a new kid since starting at Center McMechen I am very thankful to Northern Panhandle Head Start for being so nice and patient with the kids.

-Shiela C., parent (March 2017)

My granddaughter and grandson both attended Head Start in Wellsburg. My granddaughter was in Early Head Start and 3-5 Head Start. She is 14 years old now and still talks about how much fun she had in the program and tells anyone who mentions Head Start that it is a great program and how much she liked her teachers and the bus Driver - shout out to Mr. Lewis Y. She still talks about you!!

My grandson is 9 and he is doing well in school too. I really think their enrollment in the Head Start and Early Head Start truly helped them socially and academically.

-Joyce, grandmother (March 2017)

Head Start is a place for my child to learn and be social. This is a place for any child to come and help with socializing skills and becoming their own person.
My child has grown and come out of his shell a little bit. My child is well prepared for kindergarten in the aspect of education. The teachers are wonderful with not only my child, but all of the children. Thank you for loving your job and our children.

-Beth P., Orchard Park 2 Head Start Center (May 2014)

The Head Start Program has had a great impact on my daughters life, it has given her the opportunity to explore her own creativity and learn many things that she may not have learned in a conventional school setting. Is has not only inspired her but also given her confidence she needs and the ability to take part in activities that will eventually transition into solid foundation and make for a better future for not only herself but also the world at large. Children are our future, I am proud to be a father who takes an active role in my children's lives and I can't imagine a better place for my little girl than with Mrs. Paula, Mrs. Tina and Mr. Tom (Who is the best bus driver in the world). Thanks to the Teachers who are the backbone of Head Start.

-Brian S., Center McMechen Pre-K Head Start Center (April 2014)

Dear Staff of the Wells Head Start Center:

We are writing this letter today to thank you for all of the hard work and dedication that you have put into teaching our child and the other children in the Head Start program.  We believe fully that teachers do not get the thanks that they rightfully deserve as well as the staff at any school, and we believe that you all are very deserving of praise for the job that you have done throughout this year.

The Head Start program was the best decision that we have made as far as preparing our son for Kindergarten next year.  From the first day of school to the last day of school we never questioned whether or not our child was in any danger or that he was not learning anything, not at any time.  The reason that I made this comment is that we only have one child and this is the first time he has been away from his family and in other people's care, for us not to be even slightly concerned, that speaks volumes about the job that you have done over the past year.

We as parents wanted to thank you, and since there really isn't enough time in a day to share all of of this, and the fact that we would get emotional doing so, we thought that it was best if we just shared it with you in letter form.

If there is anything that we can do to help the Head Start  program and help keep it in the area, please do not hesitate to ask, we would be more than happy to help.

-Michael H. and Melissa W., Wells Head Start Center (May 2012)

I cannot say enough good things about the Head Start Program and the teachers my daughter has had over the last two years. My daughter has made so much progress in her interactions with other kids, and she actually looks forward to going each day cause she thinks her teachers are "cool". Miss Jaime and Miss Paula not only have inspired my daughter to want to learn more but as I have found out in my interactions with them, they are two very bright and creative people.

-Ed G., Center McMechen Pre-K Head Start Center (March 2012)

Miss Paula and Miss Jamie are very good at what they do ~ thank you so much for helping T. better herself and be ready for her long life skills of learning ahead of her in school.

-Mary N., Center McMechen Pre-K Head Start Center (February 2012)

I really think that having this (Head Start) program has helped my son a lot.  He has been in Head Start with Miss Jamie and Miss Paula for two years.  He has done a complete 360 in regard to his behavior, attitude and learning ability.  I am so glad that not only does this program benefit my son but I couldn't have asked for better teachers.

-Kristen B., Center McMechen Pre-K Head Start Center (February 2012)

I think that Mrs. Jamie and Mrs. Paula are the greatest teachers ever!  I wish that my son didn't have to move classes (kindergarten in the Fall).

-Crystal P., Center McMechen Pre-K Head Start Center (February 2012)

My daughter is enrolled at the McNinch Pre-K Head Start Center. Since she's gone to school, she has learned so many things. Her teacher and the teacher's aide (Gretchen and Tammy) are phenomenal and really take time with the kids. My daughter enjoys going to school and is proud of all she's learning. I had initially had my daughter registered in Marshall County's Universal Pre-K, but when I heard through a friend what a wonderful program you offer, the decision to transfer her over was easy. Everyone from the teachers, to the bus drivers, to the administrative staff are wonderful and a pleasure to work with. I am overall very impressed with the program and I'm thankful that my daughter is getting such a good education.  We have been to both FAN nights that have been offered and have had a GREAT time at each of them. Thank you for offering a night of crafts, food and fun for the family - FOR FREE.

-Christina B., McNinch Pre-K Head Start Center (January 2012)

My son attends Pipinos 1 Pre-K classroom.  I have seen such improvement in his behavior, maturity, speech, and social skills.  He looks forward to going to school and playing with his friends.

-Vanessa S., Pipinos 1 Pre-K Head Start Center (January 2012)

Had a blast at F.A.N.  The kids loved it.  We had a great turn out.  Thank you NPHS for giving my family something special to do together.  And it's free. Thanks again.

-Nicole Yoho, Brooke 1 and 2 Pre-K Head Start Centers (October 2011)

My son is a 4 yr old and attends the Pipinos Pre-K 3 Head Start Center I cannot say enough about Miss Heather and Miss Mary.  My son loves to go to school and he talks about how much fun it is to have a job from the job list and enjoys being able to choose what he wants to make as far as his "art projects".  He often comments on how good the food is and that he gets to eat as much as he wants.  Also he tells me daily about their thinking chair which is a chair that you get to sit in if you have done something not appropriate for school, how proud he is that he has not been in this chair.

Another good experience for my son has been the bus ride to and from school and what a wonderful driver Mr. Ralph has been to make this experience pleasant for the children.  We cannot thank Head Start enough for these wonderful experiences in my child's life.  Miss Brenda and the rest of the staff have been some of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of meeting and are doing a wonderful job with all family concerns and our children send thanks to all of you.

-Jeri-Lyn L., Pipinos 3 Pre-K Head Start (December 2010)


"Head Start is a WONDERFUL program.  My son loves Head Start.  He has made a lot of friends and as a parent, I appreciate everything Head Start does for us!"

-Holly W., Wells 2 Head Start (November 2010)


"I have a litle boy in early preschool.  He has tubes in his ears, and had glasses at the same time.  I want to thank Orchard Park, if it wasn't for the school, he would still be behind in speeking, and be behind in motor skills.  Me and my wife want to thank you so much!  Miss Kim and Miss Tammy work so hard.  They go out of their way for each one of their children in the class.  R. really likes Miss Kim.  He cannot wait to get to school.  My and my wife are in our 60's.  We adopted four little ones, it is hard!  The teachers help with R. so much, we cannot thank them enough.  Thank you Miss Kim and Thank you Miss Tammy - GREAT JOB!!!  Also, R. is in the WV Birth to Three Program.  If it wasn't for his teachers he would still be behind.  He is doing so good."

-Mr. and Mrs. Robert S., Early Head Start Orchard Park C (November 2010)


"I have two kids.  One in Early Head Start and one in Head Start.  They love the program.  They cannot wait to get on the bus to go to school." 

-Nicole Y., Brooke 3 Head Start Center and BB1 Early Head Start (November 2010)


“They have worked very closely with my family. They are working very hard to improve our lives by offering jobs, training, transportation to where I need to go and lots of information. I love the fact that I can go and spend time with them at school any time I want to.”

-Parent, Shortline 1 Pre-K Head Start (March 2010)


“I have been very pleased with the Head Start Program at Ritchie Elementary! My son, Logan, has learned a lot! Every day he comes home from school and shares what he has learned and I am truly impressed. Logan has made many friends and has formed a special bond with Miss Christy, Miss Kelli and Miss Kathy. As a licensed social worker, I appreciate the awesome program that Head Start offers!

-Janel F., Ritchie Pre-K Head Start Center (March 2010)


“As a father in the program I have found the experience extremely beneficial. With being on Policy Council I have learned so much. It has helped me be a better parent and to connect with my son. If it were not for Head Start and Policy Council I don’t know what I would do.”

-Josh D., Madison Pre-K (March 2010)


“My experience with NPHS has been absolutely wonderful. I have a great bond with my teachers and the FRA. I feel my daughter is learning a lot at NPHS. I feel very comfortable with all of the staff at my center. My oldest daughter is in the pre-k this year and my youngest child will start in the fall. I will definitely miss being a part of NPHS when both of my children are out of it.”

-Alisha H., Wells 1 Pre-K Head Start Center (March 2010)


“We had a house fire when James was just a baby under 1 year old. Timmy was our child that was in Head Start at the time. I talked to some of the staff and they were ready to help me get things together to set up a home for my family. Now, my son James is in Head Start. His teachers are really great. They have had a great impact on James. He really loves his teachers. I have some medical problems and needed to talk to someone about these problems and they were very helpful. They listened to me and gave me the info that I needed. I have really enjoyed the Head Start program. I am going to miss Head Start. My family thanks Head Start for all that they have done. Head Start has touched our hearts.”

-Stacia L., North Park 3 Head Start Center (March 2010)


“Early Head Start is a wonderful program. It has helped me reach my goals to help my children learn.”

-Nicole Y, Early Head Start BB2 (March 2010)


“Before the beginning of the school year my daughter could not write her letters nor could she spell her name. Now the school year isn’t even over and she can and she knows our phone number. Now she is coming home telling me words that rhyme. So Head Start has really helped her.”

-Clarissa H., Early Head Start BB5 (March 2010)


“Head Start is the kind of place I will take all my kids to, and refer any friends that have kids. The people are extremely nice and great with my child.”

-Holly W., Wells 2 Head Start Center (March 2010)


“My daughter, Anna, has really grown in the past year. She’s learned how to write her first, middle and last names, and has magically become a much more patient child. The classroom/group experience has been very good for her.”

-Melanie G., Brooke 2 Pre-K Head Start Center (March 2010)


“Having my child be a part of Head Start has been a positive experience. The program has enables my daughter to grow emotionally and spiritually. The teacher and assistant teacher are very caring and helpful. They show the dedication to the children everyday. My daughter had a hard time writing her name and county to twenty. With the help of the staff, my daughter can count to twenty, write her name, pick out colors, knows her shapes. She is evening beginning to recognize some letters. She went from being a shy child to one that wants to learn everyday and enjoys it. With being on the Policy Council has helped me understand how the program works. All I have to say is that the Head Start program rocks and I recommend everyone to send their children.”

-Cheyenne W., New Martinsville Head Start Center (March 2010)


“My experience with Head Start has been a very rewarding part of my life. As a parent who has had children in Head Start for the past four years, I feel just as rewarded as the teachers. I love the feeling of my children learning and with me in the classroom, I am teaching them as well. It makes me feel great to see them learn and grow and come up with things that I never thought they would know.”

-Shawnte’ S., Orchard Park 1 (March 2010)


I'd like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to the Early Head Start program in helping me and my children. My name is Maranda and I have two children. Sarah, age 2, and Nevaeh, 4 months old. Sarah likes to play outside with the other children and gets along well with them. She has learned "gentle hands" at Head Start and no longer hits. When Sarah first came, she hardly talked, now she's talking, singing, and dancing. Through the Head Start Program, Sarah is learning her ABC's and songs with the other children. Nevaeh is doing really well learning how to sit up, and using those muscles. She is already trying to crawl and is holding her head up on her own!

This program is amazing not only with teaching my children and helping them excel, but in giving me the opportunity to get things done for myself, such as having the time to sign up for my GED and work on getting my own apartment. I feel the school is very safe and secure, and I am confident that my children are getting the proper care and attention. I am impressed with having two teachers in each room. Sarah's classroom even has the ability to see her little sister through the window, which she loves!

The YWCA Family Violence Prevention Program (FVPP) has been extremely helpful in helping me look for apartments, applying for jobs, and giving my children and me a place to live, and I feel very comfortable and safe. They offered classes such as Life Skills, Support Group, and Employability. The YWCA FVPP has given me so many opportunities with daycare that is provided so I have the ability to attend these classes. The staff at the YWCA FVPP helps me work through things, they work with you, with your problems, and they have a great support group system.

Through these programs, I now have the chance to provide the kind of lifestyle my children and I deserve. I can never thank the YWCA FVPP and the Early Head Start program enough for helping me through this time in my life.

-Maranda S.


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